[LINK] Peter Martin Economist (?) blames Labor for NBN!

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At 09:50 AM 10/08/2017, Hamish Moffatt you wrote:

>Which bit of his argument do you disagree with? 

Limiting to the pricing decisions versus the maintenance of a hybrid network, the opportunities lost, the misunderstanding of demand cycles and technology needs, the hand-cuffing of small business and reorganisation of the labour market, etc.

There were highly likely faults in the figures at the early stages in advance of the project going ahead. Granted that. And granted that the cost to resellers is a mess, but that's the case right now. We don't know the bits/costs of the model in terms of shoe-horning in FTTN instead of a common fibre pull (every house has to be visited regardless of what technology is installed - twice) that changed. In other words, when the hybrid model was substituted, the economics all changed.

Some people are responding in tweets about the 'free market' take over and 'nationalising' the network. That tells me there is ideology operating rather than commonwealth infrastructure benefits. We know the upgrade would never have happened, don't we?, unless Labor had taken on the project in the first place.

I just think it's a bit rich to blame the innovators instead of addressing what has been lost by the change to this new mess of infrastructure.


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