[LINK] The zombie returns [Was:] Peter Martin Economist (?) blames Labor for NBN!

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Thu Aug 10 15:14:25 AEST 2017

On 10/08/2017 2:28 PM, Roger Clarke wrote:
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> Meanwhile, another one of those memes has re-emerged in the Cloud Cuckoo Land that is contemporary US politics:
> Maybe Americans don't need fast home Internet service, FCC suggests
> https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/08/maybe-americans-dont-need-fast-home-internet-service-fcc-suggests/
>> Americans might not need a fast home Internet connection, the Federal Communications Commission suggests in a new document. Instead, mobile Internet via a smartphone might be all people need.
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Oh God, they've dug up the Magic Wireless Fairy!

There are some brilliant comments:
> Yeah, I look forward to downloading the next Windows update to four computers over my cellular network. While all of my neighbors are trying to do the same.
> I can't wait for the FCCs new "Make 56K Great Again" plan when we inevitably lower our standards even further.
> Hmm. So Comcast charges $10 for 50GB of data overages for their residential broadband plans. Verizon, meanwhile, charges $15 for a single GB of data overage on their mobile plans. 
> Gee, I wonder why this shill of the industry is pushing us to accept a service that charges $15 per GB over the limit as opposed to one that charges $0.20 per GB over the limit (a 7,500% increase by the way). Well, whatever the reason, it must be best for the consumer.

There are still plenty in Australia who pretend that wireless can 
substitute for optical fibre.

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