[LINK] Demand 'still not there' for 1Gbps: NBN Co

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Sun Feb 12 13:21:36 AEDT 2017

On 12/02/2017 11:37 AM, David Lochrin wrote:
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> There's an interesting tension here between the BIRRR group who want reliable, landline based, voice and basic broadband services in rural & regional areas and the proponents of high-speed (>=1Gbit/sec) availability.
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The stated aim ofBIRRR is equitable access to broadband services. What's 
adequate is debatable, but it would probably be services that will meet 
foreseeable demand. I reckon that includes 1 Gb/s in the short term, 
with an upgrade path.

Meanwhile, MyRepublic  is calling Morrow's bluff:
> In the 12 weeks since launching as an NBN RSP, Demos said MyRepublic 
> has signed up 10,000 customers to its high-speed plans, which proves 
> that customers do want faster services -- as does the fact that 40 
> percent of its New Zealand customers are already on 1Gbps plans.

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