[LINK] Demand 'still not there' for 1Gbps: NBN Co

David Boxall linkdb at boxall.name
Wed Feb 15 16:14:32 AEDT 2017

On 15/02/2017 2:56 PM, David Lochrin wrote:
> ... I can't see any responsible government now embarking on a project 
> with a payback time of anything like 100 years ...
A government that's too scared to invest in vital infrastructure is far 
from "responsible". It's not fit to govern. Today's Australian 
Conservatives are a degenerate lot. Bob Menzies must be spinning in his 

By the way, I said fibre will probably last a century or more. How long 
it might take to pay back its costs is a different question. Whether it 
matters if it pays back its costs at all is another. See, there's value 
in the infrastructure. That too must be offset against its cost.

What is the value of lives saved? What is the value of lives enhanced? 
What is the value of business facilitated? Not having the infrastructure 
carries costs as well.

I've argued that the infrastructure would cost very little and could 
easily run at a profit, but should be run to balance. 
http://david.boxall.id.au/201604/#Wellallberooned You're saying that a 
government that's afraid to invest in a profitable endeavour is 
"responsible". I disagree. I reckon we could afford our dollar per week. 
Heck, we could probably go a whole $2!

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