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> “Demand-priced movie tickets set to debut” ...

Why stop at last-century theaters?


   		From the Link Institute

29 February 2017: Professor Klerphell, Director of the Link Institute, 
announced today a revolution in entertainment: Uber-Air-Home-Theater 
(UAHT). Home theater owners will soon be able to turn wasted space in 
their homes into a money making entertainment venue.

Uber-Air-Home-Theater allows the householder to offer a local theater 
experience. They simply register for the service, select their movie 
preferences, and when their home theater is available. UAHT then offer 
screenings to their clients, who bid for reservations. Customers can 
optionally book a share-ride to the theater, snacks, drinks and 

Also coming soon is Uber-Air-Home-Uni: "Can't afford time off to study 
at a campus, but find e-learning too lonely? Then sign up for 
Uber-Air-Home-Uni! Our system will match you up with students nearby. 
Book a Uber-Air-Home-Theater, where you can attend high quality lectures 
streamed to your study group. For a small extra charge, we can arrange a 
real human tutor in person: where you want them, when you want them!". ;-)

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