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Wed Feb 22 14:37:03 AEDT 2017

10,000 in a week? Good luck with that!

> ...
> The company said its first-half 2017 performance had been “impacted by 
> higher costs to service the Ericsson contract.”
> ...
> “Hills experienced higher [operating expenditure] related costs than 
> expected to service the contract," he said.
> ...
> The next week is likely to be particularly busy for installers working 
> with the Sky Muster service as 10,000 customers still need to be 
> migrated off NBN Co’s interim satellite service, which is switched off 
> at the end of this month.
> ... when installing in the Coorow Marchagee area, they travelled from 
> Perth 3 hours arrived, installed 3 travelled back to Perth, came back 
> 3 hrs the next day did another couple. Etc etc. there is perfectly 
> good accomodation in Coorow. They could have saved 6 hrs travelling 
> each day and installed more per day. They came to mine 186 days late, 
> installed ( much appreciated by the way) but then went back to Perth. 
> But there was a neighbour who hadn't been done yet. Then came back a 
> week later to do hers. So as far as NBN satellite goes. I think poor 
> management of the jobs and time was more to do with the cost blow 
> outs. ...
> ... We applied in June and have had every appointment cancelled. Now 
> that the deadline is looming and we are in the middle of our wet 
> season (Jan- April approx) they have to send a helicopter. No wonder 
> the costs have blown out.

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