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Not *too* bad, I guess.

Here's what I proposed 18 months ago:

Is this in the Senate Ctee list I wonder:
> ... a legal responsibility to provide customers with documentation, training and information (e.g. about the law, and about contact-points for regulatory, licensing and support organisations), prior to passing possession of the device to the customer.
>Particularly for the more dangerous categories of drones and drone applications, this might need to extend as far as a requirement to sight a customer's insurance and/or licence to operate that category of drone, before the organisation can pass possession of the device to the customer. 
And this:
>Countries with a model aircraft association scheme that is subject to the purview of the aviation regulator can consider refining it to ensure that it applies to relevant drones and their operators, and hence draws them into an existing club context that provides education and a values-based framework. Countries without such a scheme should evaluate the scope for establishing one. 
>[CASA] could have indtead imposed onerous conditions, thereby creating a strong incentive for drone operators to join a club and bring themselves within an environment that makes information available, and brings with it both a sense of responsibility and insurance coverage. 

Let alone this:
>Virtually all countries have imposed compulsory licensing on drivers of motor vehicles and operators of mobile plant such as forklifts, including requirements that they first demonstrate knowledge of the relevant laws and/or proficiency in the operation of that category of vehicle. These are backed up by civil and criminal sanctions.
>Countries need to give serious consideration to extending the scope of their driver licensing schemes to encompass drones, or establishing similar schemes for drone operators, at least for categories of drones, drone uses or contexts of use that give rise to significant risks.

and this:
>Many countries have imposed compulsory third-party insurance on owners of motor vehicles.
>Countries need to give serious consideration to extending the scope of their compulsory third-party insurance schemes to encompass drone-owners, at least for categories of drones, drone uses or contexts of use that give rise to significant risks. This could be achieved, for example, by requiring drone operators to join a model aircraft club. 

The idea that an Australian Parliament would actually enact privacy legislation of any consequence is of course laughable:
>Countries need to revise or extend the existing regulatory framework, or establish a coherent, comprehensive and balanced regulatory framework, at least relating to surveillance using drones, but preferably encompassing surveillance generally, including using drones. 

Clarke R. (2016)  'Appropriate Regulatory Responses to the Drone Epidemic'
Computer Law & Security Review 32, 1 (Jan-Feb 2016) 


At 2:23 +0000 12/5/17, Stephen Loosley wrote:
>Richard Chirgwin reports in The Register ..
>The Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport, in a response to an inquiry, has written to infrastructure and transport minister Darren Chester with the following request Š
>"Immediate action should be taken to make drone use safer. In particular, there are growing concerns both within the aviation industry and amongst the general public about the safety of recreational drone use. These concerns emanate from an increasing number of reports of aviation incidents and mounting fears of the real prospect of a serious accident".
>Richard also notes:
>The committee's most urgent requests are that owners undergo safety training; that CASA be given the power to track all drones regardless of size; and geofencing of airports and high-traffic zones.
>The letter adds that the committee is also considering measures mandating flight logging and the display of registration marks.
>Current rules covering recreational drones include a 120 metre ceiling, a 30 metre exclusion around vehicles, boats,
>buildings and people, and operators have to keep their units within sight at all times.
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