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On 13/05/2017 8:34 AM, Frank O'Connor wrote:
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> What we’ve got now - at a probably non-redeeemable cost of $60 billion - is an obsolete outmoded network that will redeem nowhere near its build cost when offered for private shareholding, let alone make a profit, with massive ongoing fixed costs (for power, maintenance and repair) and which has to be redone to the original fibre to the home specifications to even meet basic network needs and expectations even before it is ‘finished’. A massive White Elephant with political and penny pinching (read 'Henry Ergas approved') technical limitations that renders it unfit for purpose long before it is complete.
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I've heard it said that, once we've built this mess, cleaned up the 
mess, then built what we need, Australia will have gone through the 
better part of $200 billion and missed decades of opportunities. To me, 
nothing illustrates the insane bastardy of the Coalition like the change 
from ring to star topology. That can't be remedied without essentially 
digging up what's been done and starting from scratch.

As far as privatising the NBN; if they insist on repeating the blunder 
they made with the copper network, then I'll seriously consider oiling 
up the Kalashnikov. >:(

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