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[As anticipated by George Orwell, technology can support historical revisionism.  Unsurprisingly, Facebook's implementation of it was highly amateurish, because it deleted messages rather than threads.]

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>Subject: [ PRIVACY Forum ] Facebook retracted Zuckerberg's messages from
> recipients' inboxes
>Facebook retracted Zuckerberg's messages from recipients' inboxes
>  	Three sources confirm to TechCrunch that old Facebook messages
>	they received from Zuckerberg have disappeared from their
>	Facebook inboxes, while their own replies to him conspicuously
>	remain. An email receipt of a Facebook message from 2010
>	reviewed by TechCrunch proves Zuckerberg sent people messages
>	that no longer appear in their Facebook chat logs or in the
>	files available from Facebook's Download Your Information
>	tool.  When asked by TechCrunch about the situation, Facebook
>	claimed it was done for corporate security in this statement: ...
> - - -
>Email/message retention/deletion policies for legal reasons are not
>uncommon at large firms. However, the deletion of specific messages
>from *recipients'* inboxes strikes me as unusual at the very least.
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