[LINK] Labor caves in, Fascist Dutton wins the day

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Fri Dec 7 11:56:30 AEDT 2018

On 7/12/2018 10:27 AM, David wrote:
> I'm comfortable with Labor's strategy, and the Coalition has agreed to consider amendments when Parliament resumes for what that's worth.
Me too. Morrison's attack became a fizzer. Labor isn't wedged. Ball is 
back in COALition's court. If they don't address the amendments as 
agreed in the Senate by Cormann, and softened already by Porter, it will 
be another ground for a real vote of no confidence. There will already 
be one if the Nauru doctor amendment passes with the votes. Scammo is 
weak, and he knows it.

>   As Michelle Gratton pointed out in The Conversation this morning regarding their proposed "divestiture" legislation:  'Even if [it] gets through the Senate next year, a likely Labor election victory would mean we’ll probably never see this particular “big stick” wielded.  It’s highly doubtful the threat will have been worth the angst, or the trashing of Liberal principles.'

Bets on a cabinet reshuffle before the election? The ones in their jobs 
now are pathetic.

Merry Holidays. Too soon?


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