[LINK] Autonomous emergency braking

Karen Dearne kdearne at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 15:27:49 AEST 2018

Thanks for the suggestions, Linkers. Happy to report some good news - NSW
Fair Trading is interested in taking up the matter with Mazda…

Friends lodged online complaint form plus correspondence yesterday and FT
called them less than two hours later seeking more details about the
highway near-crash.

Then, before COB, they got another call to say FT was prepared to
investigate. First, they’ll have their own independent experts examine the
vehicle then do further testing as necessary. Said it was possibly a lemon,
and the request for a replacement vehicle or refund is quite reasonable.

So kudos to FT! The family is so relieved to have outside help -
unsurprisingly they’ve been worried sick over the safety and financial

Btw, CHOICE does have some very good resources, including a recent report
on the incidence of new cars that turn out to be lemons…. astonishingly,
66pc of new cars sold have problems that require action under warranty!


Also the ACCC…


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