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Wed Jul 18 15:45:30 AEST 2018

On 18/07/2018 3:01 PM, Dr Bob Jansen (in Korea) wrote:
> Why not use a chip inside our Medicare card? We need it for treatment 
> anyway so why not have a system wherein the treating clinician uploads 
> their notes or discharge summary into that chip. Then security is 
> dependent on physical access with presumably some sort of 
> PIN/Biometric. Chip can be scrambled so unreadable without correct 
> code. Then the patient is completely in charge. If they want the 
> treatment recorded they have to present the card else it will not be 
> recorded. A true patient medical record, My Medical Record! 

I was involved in a project to do just that (maybe a different card, but 
a swipe or a chip) in Southeast Health back in the 90s I think, or early 
2000s. It might have worked. That was at the time of the coordinated 
care movement across hospital, GP, allied health etc. in a local region, 
which is where most people get their medical treatment. At least you had 
to be present when the information was accessed, which would be an 
improvement over this shimozzle.


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