[LINK] 'We desperately need this data': NIB boss wants members' digital health records

David dlochrin at key.net.au
Mon Jul 23 13:45:26 AEST 2018

On Sunday, 22 July 2018 17:36:01 AEST Christian Heinrich wrote:

> *"If I get a hit by a bus tomorrow, I want the hospital to have my [digital] record," Mr Fitzgibbon said* to quote https://www.smh.com.au/business/consumer-affairs/we-desperately-need-this-data-nib-boss-wants-members-digital-health-records-20180719-p4zsha.html
> I would be interested in the citing the incident where ER was incapable of diagnosing someone had been hit by a bus without their "*My Health Record*"?

(:-)...  To be fair, the victim might have a serious allergy or other condition the treating casualty department should know about.  But as I keep on saying, that information could be held in a medical bracelet where it would be immediately available.

One wonders how all the other people who've been run over by busses in the last 100 years or so got on without MyHR?


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