[LINK] myhr website disclaimer

David dlochrin at key.net.au
Fri Jul 27 14:21:00 AEST 2018

On Wednesday, 25 July 2018 11:47:46 AEST Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:

> And on the subject of the myhr itself, if the person who "owns" their myhr doesn't keep accurate, complete and up-to-date who does?  Answer nobody.  If they don't have the internet and/or cannot figure out how to operate it, even if it is only to read what is there, how are they supposed to manage it?  Answer they can't .

Health information doesn't "scale" to anything like a national database.  Leaving aside the issue of access which BRD raises and noting of straightforward matters like serious allergies, the only person who really understands an individual's current medical status is their own doctor.

Joe Blow can't be expected to monitor or update their record on the basis of inadequate medical understanding and Dr. Google, even if they know how to do it in the first place.  (I wonder how practicable that would be using the small screen on an IPhone anyway?)


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