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On 9/05/2018 1:25 PM, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Briefly, on another topic and although Tom usually summarizes the budget for IT for us, here’s quite a rosey sounding BusinessInsider summary of some major relevant budget items ..

There's one they've missed:


"An additional $5 million over two years will go towards the development
of the previously announced national digital baby book, a project led by
the National Children’s Digital Health Collaborative and designed to
provide newborn Australians with a lifelong electronic health record."

This is a an initiative of the Australian Digital Health Agency.


It is not clear if the digital baby book is part of My Health Record or
is a separate system that interfaces with it. If the data does end up in
My Health Record it means that the government will be able to track
every Australian who has one, their health problems from birth, how much
the government has paid for their health care, who has treated them, how
well they have treated them, where they have lived, their contact
information and their relatives. Current My Health Record rules say that
a record can never be deleted, neither can any data that has been
uploaded to it.

And as part of the Multi Agency Data Integration Project, it looks as
though the ABS can link it to other agency's databases for a whole range
of reasons.

And did you know that the soon to be announced change to My Health
Record to make it opt-out means the government doesn't need your consent
to register you or gather your health data? Consent will be implied
because you didn't opt-out.



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