[LINK] Storing sun's energy

David dlochrin at key.net.au
Thu Nov 8 12:22:31 AEDT 2018

On Thursday, 8 November 2018 08:32:27 AEDT Tom Worthington wrote:

> On 7/11/18 3:18 pm, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> > ... Liquid ... That Can Store The Sun's Energy For Up to 18 Years ...
> We already have a liquid which stores energy for years: water.

True, but that's a large-scale technology.  The ingenious Swedish development has no major moving parts except a pump, I presume, and it lends itself to domestic home-heating.  It's scope of application would depend a lot on the temperature at which the phase-change occurs and the latent-heat input that requires.

The 35-ton brick idea is interesting, but it would require an unsightly tower and some pretty complex control systems.

David L.

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