[LINK] The "health" record security model

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Mon Nov 12 13:40:15 AEDT 2018

BobJ: Might there not be a simpler way to record this information then, say
in the Medicare chip?

You really expect a frangible, easily-misplaced solution to work reliably?
What do you do when you lose your card, or cook it?  Go around to to the 5,
10, 20... health care providers you have seen in the last three years and
request a re-download?  Or do you periodically save it's contents in your
dropbox?  The security of the card creates a similar set of risks to access
to the repository. Who can access it, what security protocols, etc, etc.
Much smarter would be to drop the perfect security fetish.


On Mon, 12 Nov 2018 at 11:49, Dr Bob Jansen <bob.jansen at turtlelane.com.au>

> > On 12 Nov 2018, at 11:02, David <dlochrin at key.net.au> wrote:
> >
> >> On Sunday, 11 November 2018 22:24:30 AEDT Karl Auer wrote:
> >>
> >> The emergency room scenario is freighted with emotion, unstated
> expectations, time criticality, life-and-death decisions at their most
> extreme. [...]
> >
> > It's also the place where it's critical to know the allergies, drug
> regimes, and co-morbidities of patients who are quite often not in a fit
> state to communicate reliably.  Administering a drug to a patient who is
> hyper-sensitive to it for one reason or another can result in death.
> Might there not be a simpler way to record this information then, say in
> the Medicare chip? That way, most of the privacy issues will have gone away
> and the critical info will be available. For those who don't have their
> chip or who can't communicate at the time, the issues remain as now. When
> drugs change, the Dr/Pharmacist just uploads the amended info into the
> Medicare chip.
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