[LINK] RFC: Guidelines re Avoiding Looking Like a Scammer

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Tue Nov 13 10:17:48 AEDT 2018

On 12/11/18 5:23 pm, Roger Clarke wrote:

> ... Is anyone aware of guidance for marketers ...

No, but we do teach this stuff to IT students, some of whom are doing 
business degrees: 

There doesn't appear to be anything on this in vocational qualifications 
for marketers or financial advisers. The closest I could find was for 

	"1.2 Prepare messages according to organisational protocols for 
language, tone and format.

1.3 Check content, structure and recipient addresses for electronic mail 
for accuracy."

	From: "Implement e-correspondence policies", Unit Of competency 
PSPPCY005, Public Sector Training Package: 

> Aside:  It would be excellent if a relevant regulator had issued both 
> guidance and stern warnings. ...

Perhaps the regulator should require each company to employ at least one 
person qualified in Cyber Security.

> Why *do* the people concerned get to keep their jobs??

Because we keep letting them get away with it.

If a company can't compose a suitable email, can you be confident they 
are taking care with your sensitive financial information?

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