[LINK] This incredibly simple privacy app helps protect your phone from snoops with one click

Hamish Moffatt hamish at moffatt.email
Tue Nov 13 17:55:05 AEDT 2018

On 13/11/18 4:57 pm, Kim Holburn wrote:
> The problem is that DNS is currently basically broken.  DNS requests go unencrypted, in the clear and there is no kind of proof that the answer has not been read or tampered with.
> This (app) solves one part of that problem and not well really.  The connection between you and one or two DNS servers are encrypted.   The dns requests you make cannot be examined or changed by your ISP or other ISPs in the chain.
> It doesn't solve the problem of proving the DNS record is accurate.

DNSSEC proves that the answer has not been tampered with. It does not 
prevent eavesdropping, but DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS do.


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