[LINK] itN/NIST: 'Don't bother with blockchain'

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Don't bother with blockchain: databases or even email could be better
National Institute of Standards report says it isn't magic and isn't immutable either.
Juha Saarinen
Oct 11 2018

The United States' National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has finalised its report on blockchain distributed ledger technology and suggested that there are very few use cases to which it should be applied.

Isn't it nice to know that link subscribers heard it a year before NIST did:

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>On 20/09/17 17:46, Jan Whitaker quoted:
>> ... Blockchain is the most important innovation in a century.

At 8:51 +1000 22/9/17, Tom Worthington wrote:
>Blockchain is not the most important innovation this century, let alone in a century.

An alternative view is that blockchain is a short-term fad:

Steve Wilson published his sceptical pieces 4 months before I wrote mine (but I didn't find his papers until after I'd finished):

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