[LINK] China has been 'hijacking the vital internet backbone of western countries'

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
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> Chinese government turned to local ISP for intelligence gathering after it signed the Obama-Xi cyber pact in late 2015, researchers say.

> A Chinese state-owned telecommunications company has been "hijacking the vital internet backbone of western countries," according to an academic paper published this week by researchers from the US Naval War College and Tel Aviv University.

> The culprit is China Telecom, the country's third-largest telco and internet service provider (ISP), which has had a presence inside North American networks since the early 2000s when it created its first point-of-presence (PoP).

> Traffic travels between these AS networks with the help of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). This protocol was created in the early 80s and does not feature any security controls, allowing anyone to announce a bad BGP route and receive traffic that was not intended for their network.

> In a research paper published this week, researchers reveal that China Telecom has been one of the internet's most determined BGP hijackers around.

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