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On 3/2/19 10:18 am, Roger Clarke wrote:

> Tom, are you suggesting that's an appropriate way to run a country? ...

No, I am pointing out that CASA is a safety authority, and only mandated 
to collect data on drone *safety*.

If you want other data on drone trials, you need to look to some other 
part of government.

The Queensland Government has a detailed drones strategy, but this 
focuses on access to data collected by government agencies.

The same questions might be asked about autonomous vehicle trials: how 
much of the data has to be shared by companies conducting the trials?

The NRMA's report "Trialling Autonomous Vehicles in NSW" (p. 6, 2017), 
points out that the Singapore Minister for Transport can "impose 
requirements to share trial data". 

If there is no Australian policy on this, perhaps we need to write some:

	"A condition of approval of autonomous vehicle trials on public land, 
in airspace, on or under waterways, or seas, is that the data collected 
will be released under a open access license, within thirty days of the 
data collection."

Then wait for someone in a minister's office to copy and paste it into 
law. ;-)

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