[LINK] What happened to broadband in Australia? (Part2)

Frank O'Connor francisoconnor3 at bigpond.com
Wed Feb 27 18:33:38 AEDT 2019

Yes, for the last six years we’ve been Running with the Morons.

I thought we’d reached peak stupid with Abbott, but the government luminaries (both political and in NBN’s management) since then have boldly gone into single neurone territory again and again. Not for them the advice of network specialists, scientists, communications luminaries, or people who actually know anything about broadband and networking … no, they’re gonna rely on party apparatchiks, ideologues, and economists like Henry Ergas to make their decisions.

I blame Abbott, Ergas, Turnbull, Switkowski, Morrow and our laughingly incompetent current Communications Minister (who seems more obsessed with dismantling the ABC rather than fixing the debacle that the NBN has become) most of all … but the list of other responsible warm bodies is also legion.

Collectively these people are about as much use as a gelignite suppository, or a nuclear powered computer controlled intercontinental ballistic duck. They are deliberately informationally deprived, technological incompetents. They glory in their own ignorance. By their definition of an NBN, paying 110% of the costs of a full fibre NBN for a network barely capable of 5% of the performance … and I’m being generous there … is a rational bloody decision.

They’ve condemned this country to technological obsolescence … and they were warned, time and time and time again.

But they are so fundamentally stupid and narcissistic they don’t even realise the harm that they’ve done.

They seem to have all the brains God gave a duck’s arse. They are cranio-rectally inverted. They have IQ scores lower than it takes to grunt, If their scores were two points higher they’d be bloody rocks. They are living proof that nature does not abhor a vacuum. The wheels are spinning but the hamster’s dead. They probably think cellular phones are carbon based life forms, and that Moby Dick is a venereal disease. About the only use for their heads is to keep the rain out of their necks.

It’s simply amazing to me that any single one of them could be considered a ‘leader’ or to have any potential for anything at all.

They are either brain dead, or deliberate wreckers of their country’s future … and either way we should be rid of them as soon as possible. And after they are gone, we should bill them personally for the White Elephant they have bequeathed us and, more importantly, our young.

Just my 2 cents worth ...

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