[LINK] NBN Co's 'Netflix tax' slammed as push to protect net neutrality grows

Andy Farkas andyf at andyit.com.au
Wed Jul 3 20:58:00 AEST 2019

On 03/07/2019 14:34, Paul Brooks wrote:
> The kickoff article is at
> https://www.itnews.com.au/news/nbn-co-floats-its-own-netflix-tax-527507, after the
> question in the NBN confidential discussion paper ...

"Confidential". Yep, need to keep secret how our glorious NBN is being 
The people do not need to know.

> ,,, at this stage we really don't
> know what they might have been thinking ...

"We've spent Fifty One BILLION dollars (and then some!) upgrading the
copper network to be slightly faster. How can we get the money back?"

> ... if it would result in increased charges, its a non-starter.

Wishful thinking, Paul.

> I'm not sure the Network Neutrality argument applies, since presumably whatever 'price
> response' mechanism would apply to all video streaming equally, but it certainly has
> gotten 'buzzword bingo' journos buzzing.

It's all about net neutrality. You imply it yourself - "all video 
streaming" is
segregating network traffic. Why should NBN care what traffic is on their
network? Surely it can handle the exponentially increasing data that was
predicted to occur decades ago? Oh, wait...

NBN peeking into our packets is wrong. That what RSP's are for.

Will electricity companies have a different rate for power used to run your
TV? Fridge, stove, lights... basic rate. Aircons - ooooh, a luxury item!

There was a vision for Australian internet. The people didn't want it. We
get what we deserve. Thank you Mr. Trumble.


PS. Now I'm even more depressed....

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