[LINK] Sun Cable ... promises to be the world’s largest solar farm

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Renewable Energy for Singapore & Australia

Project Overview:   https://www.suncable.sg

As an island nation, Singapore is reliant on imported Liquid Natural Gas for 95% of its electricity. This leaves Singapore's electricity consumers excessively exposed to the vagaries of global oil and gas pricing.

Sun Cable will produce approximately a fifth of Singapore's electricity through solar power, sourced from the Australian desert and transmitted via a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable. Australia's strong relationship with Singapore, its stable economy, political and legal framework, will ensure security of supply for Singapore.

The 15,000 hectare solar array near Tennant Creek in Australia's Northern Territory will be supported by battery storage. This will allow Singapore, and also the Northern Territory, to have a more diverse electricity supply, thereby increasing resilience and helping it meet its Paris Commitment greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Community consultation will begin in 2020.

5B has reinvented large-scale solar farms.

Starting with a clean slate, they have developed the fastest and easiest way to deploy PV modules into the field. The solution is Maverick: A pre-fabricated, low-cost solar array that shifts construction, labour and risk from the project site into the factory.

​A MAV is a ground-mounted DC solar array block of 32 or 40 PV modules.

MAVs can be made with any standard framed 60 or 72-cell PV module.

Modules are oriented in a concertina shape at a 10 degree tilt and electrically configured, ready to be integrated at site.

Each MAV weighs about three tonnes. When deployed the MAV is five metres wide and 16 metres long (32 modules) or 20 metres long (40 modules).


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