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> On 2019/Jul/17, at 11:56 am, Roger Clarke <Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au> wrote:
> The thing my inadequate imagination isn't coming up with is why I would want active silicon inside my light-bulb assembly.

Most of my light bulbs are LED lights which definitely have a bunch of active silicon.

> Remote operation of lights can be achieved by installing active silicon in a control panel that operates a bank of switches.
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>> On Wed, 2019-07-17 at 10:21 +1000, Roger Clarke wrote:
>>> If you need to reset the software in your GE smart light bulb --
>>> firmware version 2.8 or later -- just follow these easy instructions
> On 17/7/19 11:24 am, Karl Auer wrote:
>> This procedure saves them the cost of a reset switch in the bulb
>> circuitry. A switch that they cannot have people operating in the
>> presence of 240V mains power, so would have to be on the base of the
>> bulb, inaccessible when the bulb is in place.
>> With the switch, the procedure would be "turn off light, remove bulb,
>> set switch, insert bulb, turn on light, bulb will flash three times,
>> turn off light, remove bulb, set switch off, insert bulb".
>> However, this procedure does not ensure that the customer turns off the
>> light before removing or inserting the bulb, so dramatically increases
>> the risk that the customer will electrocute themselves while trying to
>> reset the bulb. As bulb resets are not a function of ordinary light
>> bulbs, these electrocutions will immediately become "GE's fault", and
>> they don't want that.
>> The actual procedure directly incorporates having the bulb in place and
>> safe. The many steps ensure that the bulb is highly unlikely to reset
>> accidentally.
>> So not as insane as it may first appear...
>> Regards, K.
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