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> https://apolloinrealtime.org/11/
> Happy 50th!
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I am here for online friends, hobbies, volunteer work, and working on business ideas, and I am on Centrelink Disability Support Pension (Schizophrenia & Aspergers). I suspect that what will probably work is people who are on a Centrelink payment such as unemployed, disability, or retired, since they can benefit from me and since it allows me to give back to Centrelink, and also, if female friends then age 49+ and less attractive so that they will find me attractive, also probably overweight since I am overweight. However I can also work with highly skilled people since I can make use of what I get from them that is useful for me to be able to work with interesting concepts. Me: Computing Researcher, Self Employed, Innovation, Management, Canberra Australia. Interests: Especially things involving the use of a computer. Creating, Doing, Improvising, Analysing for Improvement: Computer Programming Open Source including C#/VB.NET, CSS, HTML, Javascript, MS Visual Studio, My/MS S!
 ql, PHP, 
 WinForms, WPF. 3d animation, Acting Improvisations, Audio Podcasts, Business & Startups, Chat, Creative Writing & Poetry, Creativity, Dancing, Debating, Decisions, Digital Art, Discussion of Topics, Electronic Music Composition/Creation (FL Studio), Engineering, Friends, Ideas, Information Analysis, Innovation, IT Tuition, Jazz Piano, Jazz Singing Male Baritone & Choir & Karaoke, Management, PC Support, Photography, Public Speaking, Reading online science magazines and emails, Research, Science, Making YouTube Videos. Friendship with adults via phone, Email, Online Chat, anything we can make and send each other and collaborate on. Note: For our interactions, collaborations, hobbies, volunteer work, etc to turn out successful, it may be necessary for there to be a financial cost to me in order for you or your organization to make it work, so let me know what you suggest.

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