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On 9/3/19 7:12 pm, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> An advertisement today on the world Reddit front page .. well done guys.
> Master of Cyber Security - Graduate In 2 Years, Part-Time.
> Australian Government Recognised Academic Centre Of Cyber Security Excellence.
> https://studyonline.ecu.edu.au/ppc/master-cyber-security

This isn't a comment on the quality of the content, because I don't have 
any basis to form an opinion about that.

But two aspects are striking.

(1)  The workload is at best marginally more than half of what Grad
      Certs, Grad Dips and Masters degrees required in the 1970s

(2)  The entry qualifications are very loose:  a Bachelor degree in any
      discipline, and English competency;  or five years of relevant
      professional experience (without any indication of the criteria of
      relevance - will any work with computers of any kind do the job?)

Even the ratchetted-down requirements of the 1990s involved the 
completion of additional undergraduate units (graced with a separate 
unit-code, plus nominally more difficult assignments and/or exams), in 
order to establish effectively a pre-requisite double-major.

People with appropriate background could get value out of this (although 
they need a lot for $42-45,000 - and apparently the same price for all 
comers - at c.$4,600 per unit of study, after discounting for the light 
supervision that comes with project-work).  OTOH, the people who squeeze 
in because of the lax pre-requisites are likely to come out of it with 
pretty vague impressions of the subject-matter.

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