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> On 13/3/19 8:13 am, Andy Farkas wrote:
>> Ugly 90s websites ...

On 14/3/19 9:13 am, Tom Worthington wrote:
> Here is the first home page for the Defence Department, March 1995, on 
> the ADFA website: 
> https://web.archive.org/web/19980221074128/http://www.adfa.oz.au/DOD/dcip/
> How and why: 
> http://web.archive.org/web/20060217182212/http://www.acs.org.au/president/1998/past/dodweb.htm 

More here:

Morning Dew on the Web in Australia: 1992-95

Internet archival was established some time after the first web-sites 
were up and running - the (wonderful) Pandora in 1996, the Wayback 
Machine in 2001, and Trove 2009.  So some of the earliest websites 
didn't survive long enough to benefit from such archival services.

Mike Greenhalgh's Artserve server from late 1993 / Jan 1994 is still 
there.  Please let me know of copies of the others of these Aust sites!

Early 1992
1.  David Green's bio-informatics site

Early 1993
2.  Basser Comp Sci Hons students host (minnie.cs.su.oz.au)

3.  Mike Greenhalgh's Art History site (current form from 4 Jan 1994)
     http://rubens.anu.edu.au  -  and still there!

4.  Jim Croft's [National] Botanic Gardens site
5.  ANUSF (Supercomputing Facility)
     (They and I used rtf2html.  I finally stopped using it Nov 2018 ...)
6.  Environmental Resources Information Network (ERIN)

Late 1993
7.  ANU Dept Comp Sci
8.  Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service
9.  Northern Territory Tourist Commission (NTTC)
10  James Farrow's Shakespeare web-site (at Uni Sydney)
11  Monash VIFP - Victorian Institute of Forensic Pathology
12  Mt Stromlo Observatory
13  Australian Public Access Network Association (APANA)
14  Northern Territory (now Charles Darwin) University
15  University of Canberra
16  Vermont Secondary College, hosted by Monash University


The earliest available vopy of the ANU/People directory is:

My site says it was established Feb 1995, but the earliest content-page 
I can find is this one, put up in Mar 1995:

ANU didn't start running Webstats until Nov 1995.  Here's the first:

That finds another substantive page of 10 Apr 1995:

(I must run up a 2020 list some time, and see how many of the 
contemporary categories of dysfunctional behaviour on the net weren't 
already apparent 25 years ago).

I think 'bland' is a more appropriate descriptor than 'ugly'  (:-)}


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