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On 17/03/2019 8:37 PM, Roger Clarke wrote:

for Ivan (I didn't get Ivan's email - odd)
> But this aside, the continual email trail from this user’s activities 
> would allow me to, for example, make large donations from the user’s 
> account to charities (as has happened when bank account details have 
> been published), and to track his purchases (already happened). Not 
> just annoying, but remarkable given what PayPal is all about. I’ve had 
> better responses from American hotel chains and Russian department 
> stores...
> I can’t call him directly, since I only have part of his phone number 
> (though I could track his name down perhaps), and I can’t access his 
> PayPal account (because I don’t have the password, and password resets 
> are managed via a phone number).

how about contacting his bank? They may be interested in Paypal not 
providing accurate customer information for funds transfers. It wouldn't 
surprise me if German banks are more concerned about Identity theft 
matters than an American company.


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