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On 20/03/2019 7:20 PM, Ivan Trundle wrote:
> I spoke with PayPal about my concerns that an unverified account can still be sent emails (to the wrong address) with confidential information, whilst welcoming the individual to the world of PayPal. But of course no-one in PayPal wanted to talk with me about this (comments were noted, but no promise of action - the usual lack of transparency and accountability).
> I have 5 days to wait for information about the status of my Non-account. I have been assured that the email address cannot be used by anyone (including me) forever. Which may present another problem if that remains my ONLY email address.

Here's another idea. The German and EU are privacy respectful. How about 
a complaint through the GDPR officials, whoever manages that. Using 
someone else's email as your identity, then having the company (PayPal) 
not get how this is a problem, is a problem.


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