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Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Sat Mar 23 11:35:32 AEDT 2019

On 23/03/2019 10:23 am, JLWhitaker wrote:
> I'm also wondering about the software and languages. Are we talking
> COBOL and others still?
It's not the programming language that counts it that the environment
that guarantees transactions - In the case of IBM it's call CICS
(Customer Information Control System) which supports on-line transaction
processing. It makes sure that when you move money from one bank account
to another it either complete of fails - there is no other outcome.

This is very difficult to do in a distributed environment.

COBOL was a transaction based system used for batch record processing.
There is so much COBOL around that it is cheaper and better to keep it -
it is fit for purpose, more so than any other language.



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