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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Tue Mar 26 07:24:35 AEDT 2019

ANZ rips apart blockchain, catalogues its big list of non-uses
Julian Bajkowski
Mar 25 2019

>One of Australia’s Big Four banks, ANZ, says it’s run ruler over the 
supposedly transformative technology and, to put it mildly, it’s neither 
impressed or convinced of the promise of a revolution in trusted 
transactions is just around the corner.
> ... while blockchain has real and demonstrable benefits in specific 
situation many projects or problems “do not necessarily need it and are 
better off using existing good old databases and technology solutions.”

Pity the ANZ monitors neither Steve Wilson's blog nor posts to link, 
because they'd have had chapter and verse, gratis, a while back:

In mid-2016:
Roger:  http://www.rogerclarke.com/EC/BCD.html

Maybe they waited for NIST to catch up, which took until Oct 2018:

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