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Dr Bob Jansen (in Korea) bobjtls at gmail.com
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similar issues at our end.

We had NBN successfully connected to one of the two ADSL2 lines to our 
premise and it worked like a dream for two days. However, in connecting 
our line, someone (NBN/TPG?) disconnected the second ADSL line servicing 
a separate appartment in our building. So, TPG sent out a techie to sort 
this out and he disconnected our NBN line by just cutting through the 
twisted pair. I went out to complain and he reconnected the twisted pair 
but our NBN has effectively been down since then.

We have had many visits by techies from both NBN and TPG to no avail. 
Everytime I call TPG ( >30 minutes waiting time) or talk to a TPG/NBN 
techie I have to explain the situation again and again and again..... 
They don't seem to communicate at all, neither internally within TPG nor 
between NBN and TPG.

I explain and provide evidence that our NBN  service demonstrated 45MBps 
download but no upload at all. I provide screen shots of Ookla's 
results. Do they read them, no idea?

Up to yesterday, we were told the issue was that ADLS2+ and NBN 
interfere with each other when communicating down the same cable (we 
have a ten pair cable from the pit to an MDF inside our building).

I keep explaining that everything worked OK until the TPG techie cut 
through the twisted pair providing our NBN service. No one listens or 
has even checked the pit.

Yesterday, our tenant had his ADSL service upgraded to NBN, or at least 
they tried. It would not work at all. Provided explanations,
1. the connection of our premise to the network has been badly designed, 
the cable runs are too large, we are connected to DPU's more than 100 
meters away despite their being spare slots on closer DPUs.
2. the cable is too old. Apparently it is German cable which has not 
been used for many years now.
3. hardware errors on our equipment despite it having been replaced already.
4. when a techie comes, they fix the nearest thing they see and then 
disappear without waiting to see if that solves the problem. After such 
repairs, it takes anything from 30 minutes to a few hours for the 
equipment to sync itself to the network, etc. So far, every time they 
go, no service and a long wait for another appointment.

The funny thing is, when yesterday's NBN techie lifted up the lid of the 
pit and pulled out the connection box and did whatever they do, we 
suddenly got good NBN service (35mbs/17mbs). They put it back and our 
service dropped out. Now I would have thought that this would be a 
wakeup moment but no, not really.

Last night I was called by TPG (we now have a specialised case 
manager......in the Phillipines. Nice person but seemingly unable to 
affect anything). He has raised the severity of this problem, since now 
two customers are affected, with his management and they have raised it 
with NBN management. So, we wait whilst another techie comes out, 
totally unprepared for what the problem is.

I can not explain, and neither can anybody else I have asked, why our 
service shows 45mbs download and no upload. They blame each other and/or 
the hardware. If it was hardware, I would expect the same degradation on 
both upload and download and it doesn't explain yesterday's spirited yet 
limited revival with no change to any hardware inside our premises. When 
I raise this, all I get is waffle. I raised the pit/connection issue, 
all I get is waffle. All I get is waffle, waffle, waffle.......

We have obtained a Vodafone smart modem, it has a SIM card backup 
facility, so we at least have internet via the mobile phone network. We 
have stopped the TPG payment until this issue is resolved.

So, the lesson for would be NBN'ers. Make sure your service provider 
offers a backup route and this, unfortunately, means using a telco, like 
Telstra, Optus or Vodafone, cause the NBN will go down. They have smart 
modems like the Vodafone one. The cost of the backup service, at least 
via Vodafone, is no more than your NBN plan. So, we get unlimited data 
for $70 per month (we signed up for the 50MBS plan).

All in all, a complete cockup. Thank you Malcolm Turnbull for insisting 
yesterdays technology is perfect for implementing tomorrow's broadband. 
I really miss you in any decision making position related to technology.

As an aside, we have returned from a five year stint in Seoul. There, if 
you want internet, it takes all of 30 minutes before a techie's head 
appears above your balcony, with a fibre cable in his grasp ready to 
connect to the box next to your TV. Speed 60-70mbs up and down, no data 
limits, includes IPTV, cost ~$20 per month.


On 29/3/19 8:57 am, JLWhitaker wrote:
> In case you missed it on ABC News website. This poor guy in South 
> Australia!!!
> https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-29/at-war-with-australian-internet-providers/10925254 
> Jan

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