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On 1/9/19 5:24 pm, Stephen Loosley wrote:

> ... How to effectively teach multicultural classes within a limited
> budget and in a way that’s fair to everyone? Maybe your digital
> initiatives can be one answer. ...

A blend of digital and face-to-face worked well with international 
students last semester: 

What helps is to explicitly teach written and oral communication. We 
can't assume students will some how pick it up. As an example, the ANU 
Master of Computing students are required to take two courses in 
"Professional Practice": 

The procedures for formal examinations are not something I have had need 
for. I don't set examinations, as these are not a useful way to evaluate 
real-world skills.

Short, frequent tests are useful help students with learning basic 
knowledge. These can be "open book", with plenty of time for students to 
complete. These small tests are also useful for identifying students who 
have learning, and other difficulties, so they can be referred to 
specialist student support programs.

However, most of the assessment I set is assignments, where each student 
has to find a problem, and try to solve it.

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