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On 3/9/19 1:45 pm, David wrote:

> Many years ago, if I remember correctly, a professor of engineering at 
> UNSW made English a compulsory course for students in that Faculty (with 
> howls of protest!). ...

David Williamson's 1974 play "The Department", is about a university 
engineering department and includes discussion of the role of teaching 
communication to the students. 

> For better or worse, English is now also an international lingua franca.

Graduates will likely be working in international teams, using a form of 
English, but not Australian English. I have to use American English when 
submitting papers to international computing and engineering 
conferences, even when these are run in Australia, or Indonesia.

China is scaling up to teach millions of international students in 
English, and they will likely use American English. 

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