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Tue Sep 24 16:04:58 AEST 2019

 From a George Eastman newsletter:

    Talk to Friends and Relatives After They Die


OK, this sounds creepy. However, anyone who owns an Amazon Echo device 
(often referred to as “Alexa”) will understand how it works.

The *Here After* company in California has announced it is working on an 
Alexa-style “bot” that uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to let 
people “talk” with deceased friends and relatives. The device uses voice 
recordings made before a person dies to create the bot. Loved ones later 
can talk, joke, and reminisce with the bot, as if the friend or relative 
is still alive.

[Play YouTube video] 

The company begins by conducting interviews with clients, in which they 
are encouraged to talk about their lives. Simply by speaking, Here After 
users can hear the recorded replies of loved ones—their real stories, 
songs, and sayings; their actual voices. (Check out the video above.)

The Here After company states, “Our goal is to capture the true spirit 
of people and to enable their stories to become immortal.”

Their responses are then edited, categorized and divided into sections 
such as “falling in love” or sentiments such as “happy” or “story about 
stressful moment”. This data is transferred to an app, which friends and 
family can access via a phone or smart speaker.

Several hundred people have already joined Here After’s waiting list. 
You can learn more at /Here After’s/ web site at: 

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