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Petition - Declare a Climate Emergency

Petition Number

Petition Address
To the Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and Members of the
House of Representatives

Petition Of
Concerned citizens of Australia

Petition Reason
The overwhelming majority of climate scientists around the world have
concluded that the climate is changing at unprecedented rates due to
anthropogenic causes. The result of these changes will be catastrophic
for future generations, and so we must act now to minimise both human
and environmental destruction.

Petition Request
We therefore ask the House to immediately act and declare a climate
emergency in Australia. And introduce legislation that will with
immediacy and haste reduce the causes of anthropogenic climate change.

The terms and conditions are not immediately obvious. This is the
relevant part:

Signing a petition
You must be a resident or citizen of Australia to submit a petition.
Members of parliament cannot submit a petition.

When you sign a petition, we ask for your name and a verifiable email
address. We will not publish your information online, but your name will
be included in the final petition presented to the House of Representatives.

Your email address will be used to verify your intent to sign a
petition. We also use your email address to make sure you haven’t signed
the petition already, and that you’re a real person (and not a bot). We
will not use your email address for any other purpose, and will not
disclose it without your consent.



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