[LINK] Western Australia introduces new app to help with contact tracing

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu Dec 10 07:47:18 AEDT 2020

On 6/12/20 12:33 am, Stephen Loosley wrote:

> Western Australia introduces new app to help with contact tracing as QR codes become mandatory in the state from today ...

Unfortunately each state seems to be building their own incompatible App.

I am thinking of having students build a free open source  privacy 
enhanced COVID19 app for educational institutions and developing 
nations. This would work with any check-in QRcode from existing systems 
& comply with the Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing Protocol from Apple 
and Google.

The user could scan a QR code from any system when entering a facility. 
If this s already in the database, they need do nothing more. If the 
location is not registered they enter the name and address, to be added 
to the central database.

The app would regularly check a broadcast list of identified COVID19 
outbreak locations. If matched where the user had been, their phone 
would alert them. The user could then choose to have their phone send a 
list of where they had been to
Contact Tracing staff.

This could be implemented without the cooperation, or approval, of 
government authorities or the commercial providers of contact tracing 
systems. The app would simply use their QR codes to identify locations.

The same app could use Bluetooth to record who the user had been near.

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