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Mon Dec 21 11:27:19 AEDT 2020

Hi Bernard,
I have tried the Amazon free tier.  It has severe limitations on CPU and resources.  It wasn't always clear to me how the billing 
worked.  (I didn't do the course;-).  Unfortunately I chose a fixed IPv4 address, and you have to pay for that.  Not much, it's 
true.  I probably could have gone for a dyndns address but was feeling lazy.  That said, I put up a jitsi server and it worked fine 
within the free tier limitations.

Before you start, you have to give amazon your credit card details (of course) and I got a few bills (only cents but still).

On 2020/12/21 10:39 am, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
> Amazon and Microsoft advertise that you can get access to free cloud
> services.
> I'd like to run a Windows compute intensive app in something a lot more
> powerful than my laptop. The .exe is under 200kb but it needs about
> 5-10Gbytes of memory to run in. It produces output files of up to 100MBytes.
> Does anyone have any experience of Amazon and/or Microsoft (or anything
> else) and what the risks might be? Especially if the thing runs wild and
> chews up resources unexpectedly?
> Advice/comments would be appreciated.

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