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On 24/2/20 4:41 pm, Stephen Loosley wrote:

> ... Launch S&P/ASX All Technology Index ...

By a remarkable coincidence:

			Link Institute Link Alert

	Link Partly Technology Index Launched by Link Institute

Cayman Islands, 25 February 2020: The Link Institute today announced
that the real-time calculation of the Link Partly Technology Index will
commence at market open on February 30, 2020.

The index is a diverse representation of technology-infused companies
and is designed for Australian and global market participants to lead
the performance of the country’s technology industries, identify sector
synergies, and to help leverage investment funds.

In addition, the Link Institute has entered into a license agreement
with Bet-a-Share for the Link Partly Technology Index to meet the demand
from Australians to speculate on just about anything.

The Link Partly Technology Index launch coincides with a decline in the
mining industry, a time when these companies traditionally morph from a
dig-it-up to a dig-it-al strategy.

The Link Partly Technology Index looks to capture wealth from Australian
investors in a comprehensive way. As a starting point, Link Institute 
screen-scrapes social media web pages, looking for investors who meet a 
minimum gullibility threshold.

Professor Klerphell, Head of the Link Institute said, “We are excited to
take apart Australia’s industry base and reassemble the components to
maximize the return for our investors. We are proud of our recent
partnership with unnamed offshore investors to bring the approaches
informed by the recent financial services royal commission. Insurance
companies were found to be selling life insurance to dead people and
banks charged customers extra because they were loyal: that is the sort
of innovation we will bring to the tech sector.”


Tom Worthington

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