[LINK] ABC Landline: Are we too reliant on technology?

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Fri Feb 28 14:37:30 AEDT 2020

ABC Landline  29 mins

Are we too reliant on technology?

Wool sales across Australia have been cancelled for the rest of the week due to a cyber attack.

Talman Software, which is used by more than 75 per cent of the wool industry across Australia and New Zealand, fell victim to ransomware, forcing the buying and trading system offline.

Buyers say if the system can be restored over the weekend, it will have minimal impact on the market... but some in the industry say the cyber attack highlights the vulnerability of relying too much on IT systems.

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Cam Atkinson: This is part of the reason why cloud computing is terrible. You want to access your important business documents to plan a budget, or your personal records for something like confirming your legal identity? Sorry, the system is down right now (and your information is being held for ransom).

Ann Booth: Yes

Lyn Keen: Oh no! 😢

Jenifer Mather: Pay the ransom once, pay the ransom twice - still don't get your business back - it happened to a photo book company in Melbourne, they closed that part of the business

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