[LINK] ABC Landline: Are we too reliant on technology?

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Phishing emails routinely claim to have video of the recipient watching porn and other embarrassing things. If there was a genuine attack on any password manager we would have heard about it.

The alternative to using a password manager is very much worse - insecure passwords. If you dislike the cloud enough there are self hosted options.


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On 28/02/2020 3:01 pm, Hamish Moffatt wrote: 
> Who said anything about cloud computing?! These malwares spread 
> through bugs in OSs, browsers etc. WannaCry infected Windows computers 
> throughout the world (eg hospitals) that had buggy Windows, nothing to 
> do with the cloud. 

But you must admit that relying on cloud storage for access to your 
information puts you to ransom of a working network. No malware 
necessary. Just a false sense of security. 

And think about this one: password managers. A friend of mine's wife has 
been told by ransomware threats that they have access to her password 
manager password. Talk about a golden key! She doesn't know what to do 
now. And it's an account she uses for supposedly secure information. 

Oh, and don't use Facebook to log in to other services. You'll get some 
mighty surprises from that, too. And it's intentional malware. 


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