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On 21/11/20 7:10 pm, Stephen Loosley wrote:

> Fleets: a new way to join the conversation ...

By a remarkable coincidence:


			From the Office of the CEO, Professor Klerphell

		Internal Memo to All Senior Staff

Subject: ChirpShip: A New Way to Distribute Random Thoughts

With its new ChirpShip(r) the Link Institute has made a major advance in 
social media. We all know social media's purpose is to make money, 
regardless of the consequences for trolled individuals, the destruction 
of civil society, or world peace. It's where you go to avoid seeing what 
is really happening, and having to talk to your family. Some say they do 
not want to have their every random thought on the public record for 
eternity: but who reads their posts? We have squeezed as much out of 
this little learner as we can, so we have come up with new way to get 
customers addicted to their smart phones.

At the Link Institute we've been working on the equivalent of a gateway 
drug for social media users. With ChirpShip everyone can easily join in 
and never leave. Any random thought a customer may have, however half 
baked and regrettable in retrospect, can now start a conversation, and 
at the same time end a relationship or a career.

Chirps will only be available to subscribers for a day. Of course we 
know everyone will keep a copy permanently. We will be early to this 
market with "ChirpKeep". Also we have opened negotiations with Interpol, 
the Divorce Lawyers Association, and the Society for Human Resources 
Professionals, for discount rates on data access.

ChipShip is available now. To get started we have invited school 
children to sign up and start Chirping about their parents. To find out 
how their kids are defaming them, parents will have to sign up too.

Through our tests we have found that ChirpShip is as addictive and 
harmful poker machines, tobacco, and alcohol, but those are legal, so we 
think we can get away with this for decades, or at least until the 
public listing of the shares.

ps: Please we don't want a permanent record of this plan. So I remind 
all staff that they are banned from using any form of social media.


Tom Worthington http://www.tomw.net.au

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