[LINK] RFI: Spam-registration of IP-addresses

Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Tue Nov 24 11:57:35 AEDT 2020

Many thanks to the several people who pointed me to the SPF entry!

Chris Maltby's explanation (all-but) nailed the problem.

Changing the SPF entry to ip4: fixed Yahoo.
But my Rocketmail mate still gets my messages thrown into Junk.

VentraIP responded, and recommended a different SPF entry:
v=spf1 +a +mx +include:spf.hostingplatform.net.au ~all

That also appears to work for Yahoo, but also not for Rocketmail.

I've looked into DMARC and inserted:
TXT  v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=roger.clarke at xamax.com.au

That ought to generate a rejection-message that might help with
debugging;  but it hasn't so far.

I was vaguely been aware of SPF and DMARC but had never looked at them.

Only 0.1% of my correspondents use Rocketmail, and he's said he also
found a telco invoice in his Junk-folder this morning ...

Thanks Chris and others!


TXT  v=spf1 ip4: +include:retailspf.smtp.com ?all

TXT  v=spf1 ip4: +mx +a ~all

The old one says to trust email that comes from a specific IP-address.
The new one says to trust it if it comes from a range of IP-addresses.

The SMTP-server operator has big volumes, and uses multiple addresses.

v=spf1 +a +mx +include:spf.hostingplatform.net.au ~all

Both new entries *ought* to leave no clues for Rocketmail's Artificial
Stupidity to trip over - although the first works only if ISP's
wholesale provider stays within that range of IP-addresses.  Networked
business topologies are *so* much more efficient, right??


On 22/11/20 1:12 pm, Chris Maltby wrote:
> I'm not sure that your xamax.com.au SPF details are good.
> xamax.com.au: "v=spf1 *ip4:* +include:retailspf.smtp.com ?all"
> retailspf.smtp.com: "v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ~all"
> but the sending address at syd.hostingplatform.net.au is
> You could try changing the ip4: to ip4:
> You might also want to set up a DMARC record so that you can receive
> reports of messages that fail SPF/DKIM/ARC checks.
> Yahoo is one of the fussiest, but also seems to permit the most real spam...
> Chris
> On 21/11/2020 7:14 am, Roger Clarke wrote:
>> If anyone can point me to relevant sources to help me understand and
>> address the following problem, I'd be very appreciative!


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