[LINK] ACT election 2020: Electronic voting system flawed in 2020 poll, experts say

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The same way Sidney Powell did in Michigan and Georgia? A guy who was
standing next to Hugo Chavez when he got them to rig theirs? 

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 On 26/11/20 9:24 am, Kim Holburn wrote:

 >> Flaws in the ACT's electronic voting system could have changed the

 >> result of the 2020 poll, cyber security experts say. ...

 Yes! By rights, I won the ACT election! I wasn't on the ballot and
 thus robbed of my rightful place as POTACT (President of the ACT)!

 More seriously, who is the expert and where do I get a copy of their

 The ACT government could make the system open for inspection without
 need for legislation. But if the system is not open now, how did the 
 expert find flaws in it?

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