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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
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This is a follow-on to my earlier enquiry about comms tools, e.g. for:
-   prof'l associations like ACS
-   NGOs like APF
-   archives like apf-media-archive
-   clubs like my wife's large, many-committee'd Dog Agility Club
-   communities like link

This presents as a less-basic, email-based (or email-compatible?) group
communication tool:  https://groups.io

Can anyone offer comments based on experience of it as an alternative to
mailman and its ilk?

Thanks!  ...  Roger


-   topics and hashtags
-   'mute' (=unsubscribe?) based on toipic or tag
-   management tools

(At least 1 tag is mandatory;  but maybe that's like Subject:)

> Groups.io replaces a bunch of apps, including:
> Mailman / Discourse / Aurea (previously Lyris)

> Premium and Enterprise (not Freemium) replaces:
> Slack
> Dropbox for teams
> G Suite: Docs, Calendar
> Doodle
> SignUpGenius
> SurveyMonkey / Typeform / Google Forms

[ Does 'G Suite Docs' = file-storage, or online word-processing? ]

An over-glowing backgrounder:



Freemium    Basic capabilies and 1GB of storage
            Messages themselves are not counted towards the storage
            limits, only any attachments.
You can configure your group to either bounce messages when you've
reached your storage limit, or to automatically delete old attachments
to keep you under the storage limit. Photos and files are never
automatically deleted.

USD 20 pmo  +20GB, unlimited subgroups, collaboration suite, donations
(AUD 325 p.a.)

            Worrisome:  Direct add members
                        You have complete control over your member list.
                        [So what facility is there in the Freemium??]
            And this:   Premium [only?] groups support this integration:
                        Email - Create a receive-only email address
                        that posts to your group.  [Means what?]

USD 200 pmo  More space and features, own domain-name/branding/home-page

"If you are legally recognized as a non-profit organization, we offer a
50% discount on our Enterprise plan" [but *not* on the Premium plan]


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