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On 2/9/20 10:29 pm, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> Record number of Australian universities crack world's top 200 By 
> Natassia Chrysanthos   September 2, 2020 
> https://www.theage.com.au/national/record-number-of-australian-universities-crack-world-s-top-200-20200902-p55rlv.html
>  ... experts warn their success could be short-lived if they can no
 > longer fund strong research. ...

Yes, research increases university rankings, thus attracting
international students, even though the research has nothing to
do with the quality of education provided. Australia has had a strategy
of requiring all its universities to undertake research, which has
helped with the national education brand. But with this comes the 
inefficiency of institutions which can't specialize in a particular 
field of research, or focus on education.

We have had a short term crisis with COVID-19, but our universities 
still need to change if they are to survive the technological and 
geopolitical changes which will unfold over the next few years. This 
will likely include flexible global programs which can be delivered 
partly online in the student's country by staff who are qualified to teach.

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