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David dlochrin at aussiebb.com.au
Tue Aug 17 23:35:35 AEST 2021

On 2021-08-17 15:20, Stephen Loosley wrote:
> State, territory, and federal governments have agreed to the first national data sharing program that will ease the movement of data between jurisdictions.

Recently I bought myself a new Android mobile largely because Android 10 & 11 has a native QR driver.

This 'phone has a "Google Assistant" button on the left side, same shape, position, and size as the power button on the right, and it's in exactly the position where it will be _unintentionally_ operated by the user (except in those civilised countries where it is illegal, in which case I think it starts a browser on the Google search page).

And if the Assistant is disabled in 'Settings' I suspect it will be re-enabled if the button is accidentally operated.  When I did so myself, a nice little pop-up appeared at the bottom of the screen with a graphic showing an open microphone and a caption inviting me to "Say Hello to Google!".  Resisting the temptation to advise Google what they could do with my 'phone, I switched the bloody thing off.

it also has a fingerprint reader, face-recognition software, and voice-print technology.  This, of course, is only for the convenience of users since they then don't need to create PINs & passwords.

So Google Alphabet will soon be able to recognise a significant proportion of global users by their bio-physical profile, in addition to their current privacy-invasive practices.  I foresee a time when the world's police will be deskilled in an effort to save money since some bureaucrat will only have to ask their "Google Assistant".

> A spokesperson for Stuart Robert, the Minister representing the Commonwealth at the Data and Digital Ministers’ Meeting, said data sharing would benefit Australians in a number of ways.
> “Responsibly, securely and seamlessly sharing data between governments is an efficient use of resources and will help drive economic value, innovation, improve services, and deliver better outcomes for Australians,” the spokesperson said.
> “The objectives of the Intergovernmental Agreement include sharing data in the public interest for the purposes of informing policy decisions; designing, delivering, and evaluating programs; tracking implementation; and improving service delivery outcomes.”
> More data, more problems
> The Commonwealth expressed an unsated appetite for intergovernmental data sharing arrangements when it introduced the ill-fated Identity Matching Services Bill 2019.
> Before it was scrapped, that bill sought to provide the government with capacity to build a facial recognition database using biometric information like state-issued drivers licences.
> Its next attempt at greater access to data has been through the Data Availability and Transparency Bill 2020 which wants to make it easier for Commonwealth entities to share data between one another.  [...]

Is the new Tech Sector lobby group just campaigning for Social Licence after their recent fright over copyright fees?  Why do we have a Federal Government which seems surprised by every completely predictable situation until it becomes a crisis?  With Stuart Robert in charge?    Really Stuart, what do you think Google is up to?  Can Linkers identify any recently successful Federal IT&C initiative?

Why can't we have a plain-vanilla mobile 'phone using embedded Linux but without the blatant Google spyware?

As for my recent purchase, I'm considering either donating it to Vinnies or removing the battery and putting my boot on it before taking it to the electronics dump at the local recycling centre.

Oorooo for now,
David Lochrin

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