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David dlochrin at aussiebb.com.au
Sat Aug 21 18:15:25 AEST 2021

On 2021-08-21 09:15, Tom Worthington wrote:

> Unfortunately the online option did not work, giving:
>     "404 Not Found: Requested route ('apply.service.nsw.gov.au') does not exist."

Tom, how did you test the card?

With option-1 (customer reads retailer's QR code with their mobile, which has a QR-driver but no covid-19 app), I imagine the QR-link stuck on the front door opens a form in the customer's browser which they then fill in with their personal details (name, 'phone number...) and send on its way.  This is standard HTML / HTTPS POST stuff.

With option-2, the the customer has the NSW QR-code app. installed, and the app does the hard work.

With option-3, the reverse process where the roles are reversed, perhaps the retailer needs a different app, though I can't really see why the process can't be symmetrical.

David Lochrin

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